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The inspiration for BroadSheep TV was a website I happened across when I was searching for a band called Rue Royale on Youtube. I was knocked out by the quality of their video but it wasn’t till a few months later that I realised the people who made it – Amsterdam Acoustics had a whole series of films of acoustic sessions. Some of their music is not that brilliant but the recording and filming is always impeccable. I have recently also become enamoured with a site called Take Away Show. Once again the filming is magnificent and they have some pretty big names doing sessions. Anyway on this page I shall direct you to the best of this stuff and hope it doesn’t make you too dissatified with BroadSheep TV’s production values.

Here is the original Rue Royale vid that got me going.

And here is Las Ondas Marteles who are just about to demonstrate that the spirit of Eddie Cochrane still lives.

Or this film from the great Vincent Moon which is more like a French art house movie than a music video.

And check out the sound recording on the second track of Balthazar’s Amsterdam Acoustics offering . Its called ‘Blues for Rosann’ and it starts 2 minutes into the vid and its stunning.

Two Mexican singers Carla Morrison & Natalia Lafourcade at a bull fighting school!


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