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BroadSheep TV – Jake ‘boy’ Hughes

Jake turned up over the weekend, borrowed my guitar (what a surprise) and recorded this beautiful song what he wrote. I am really chuffed with the film as I’ve finally got 2 HD cameras working although it did take 8 hours to download the bloody thing!


BroadSheep TV – Your Dad

Although I would not normally feature films on this site from other sources I did feel it would be charitable to let you see this one made by a couple of old friends I used to know back in the day. Sadly they both now need full time care but they carry on dancing and singing. In fact in this film of them performing for their fellow residents the atmosphere is very like a friday night at the White Horse, Clun back in the old days.

BroadSheep TV – Otros Aries

Otros Aries played a full on gig with sequencers and projection to a roomfull of tango dancers in The Presteigne Assembly Rooms and then just before they left the next morning we managed to persuade Omar Massa (bandoneon) and Diego Ramos (piano) to do the dirty on Piazolla’s – Adios Nonino. Glorious!

BroadSheep TV – Kate Thomas & Dave Luke

Dave and Kate were kind enough to come and record this sweet version of  Jason Mraz song ‘I’m Yours’  on a Saturday morning having played 3 sets at the notorious No 46 Wine Bar in Presteigne High St the night before. One false start and they were off!

BroadSheep TV – The Odd Couple

On the surface Arthur Ebeling and Chris Quinn seemed unlikely collaboraters. But after a storming gig at The Dukes ‘The Dutch Ray Charles’ and Chris from The Badgers recorded this delightful version of Dream a Little Dream for us. Arthur is in very mellow form and Chris is sounding like a classic 1930s crooner and they are both playing great guitar and obviously having a ball.

BroadSheep TV – Martin Harley

Martin really had hit the bottle in The Dukes the night before ending up discussing the meaning of life with John and Les after everyone else had left. It is a tribute to Martins extraordinary resiliance that he could turn in this sharp performance at 10.30 the next morning after only one cup of tea and Marmite on toast.

BroadSheep TV – John Etheridge & Sweet Chorus

Welcome to broadsheep.wordpress.com. This blog was going to be called ‘Put Up Your Dukes’ on account of it being a series of live music videos of bands who have (mostly) played at The Dukes, Presteigne  and stayed the night. They then feel obliged to accomodate my weird plan to film them the next morning straight after their first cup of tea. However the name was a bit obscure  so we decided to stick with the BroadSheep corporate image. At the time of writing I have a couple of vids ready to go but we will soon find out how easy it is to get them up and running.

Regards Pete

So here is the first video a fresh mix of John Etheridge’s Sweet Chorus playing ‘Blue Drag’ and it is a delightfully relaxed romp through the tune despite the bands South Pole style garments. We are especially big fans of Chris Garrick’s bluesy style of fiddle playing and the rhythm section, Andy Crowdy and Dave Kelbie, are the biz!