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BroadSheep TV

Live music straight from the living room



Really like this band although I don’t know a lot about them except they are from Manchester and as yet I’ve failed to get them to come to Presteigne. Still great song, nice vid.


The House of Liars

Cam Penner and Jon Wood a Canadian duo playing in The Dukes Arms Presteigne with Tony Lancett doing the sound. The duo produced an amazing evening of strong songs played with a subtle but passionate intensity. This one stood out for me despite the fact that Jon, who is a great guitar player, seems to be playing a pocket calculator. My filming was a bit iffy hence the collage of relevant images.

Petite Rumba

The last night of Little Rumba’s French mini-tour at a beautiful converted mill near the Loire. The tune is an old favourite given a kick in the backside by the fabulous piano of Jean-Louis Cortes who has just stepped onstage with no rehearsal!

Greasy Spoon

Elda lent us her cafe and cooked us 5 breakfasts on a Sunday afternoon in order to shoot this tale of unrequited love, a waitress, a busker and a classical violinist. The track is from Little Rumbas latest CD ‘We Could Be Anywhere’.

I Feel Like Ginger Rogers

Lori Campbell and Little Rumba recorded this track at The Hatch with Andy Bell and then shot the video over the course of a weekend in Presteigne making full use of both Pete’s cheapo Lumix cameras and a very bright bicycle torch!

I lost my heart to a Bakewell tart

The winning entry in the Broad Sheep ‘I lost my heart to a Bakewall Tart ‘ songwriting competition. The writer has yet to reveal their identity but they win 2 tickets to the Bakewell Festival anyway. STOP PRESS The writer is the poet TONY WALTON but he never got his tickets!

Broad Sheep TV – Hickman and Quinn

We were planning to film ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’ but would they get an encore? It was touch and go ..yes..no..yes..no. Oh of course they did. Recorded on another great Wednesday night at The Dukes. Sound by the incomparable Tony Lancett.

BroadSheep TV – Moishes Bagel

We were very honoured when Moishes Bagel stopped off between Hereford and Liverpool on their tour to give us a concentrated little blast of fine music. For some reason this particular film was incredibly hard work to edit and then get up onto Youtube but it was worth it and I’m sure you’re going to love it. Turn the little YouTube volume slider up to full and enjoy.

BroadSheep TV – The Remi Harris trio

Remi and the boys popped in before their Dukes gig to give us this candlelit serenade.

BroadSheep TV – Little Rumba

It was only a matter of time before we got our own band on BroadSheep TV. Hope you like this hymn to leaving London with 2nd camera by Alison and a rather washed out look as a tribute to last night’s German rom-com at the film society!